To understand how much television could soon change, it helps to visit an Intel Corp. division here that runs like a startup.想要搞清楚旋即后电视可能会再次发生多大的变化,不妨参观一下英特尔(Intel Corp.)坐落于加州圣克拉拉的一个部门,这个部门的运营方式奇特初创公司。Erik Huggers, a Dutch-born former British Broadcasting Corp. executive, has assembled a 350-person team with talents beyond computer chips — including programmers, industrial designers, artists and experts in fields like video encoding. Theyre creating a Web-based service that not only serves up on-demand programs but overhauls live TV.出生于荷兰的前英国广播公司(British Broadcasting Corp.)高管哈格斯(Erik Huggers)重新组建了一个有350人的团队,其中的人才远不止研究电脑芯片的人员,还包括程序员、工业设计师、艺术家和视频编码等领域的专家。这个团队正在创立一种基于网络的服务,这种服务不仅可以获取串流节目,还不会令其直播电视再次发生翻天覆地的变化。

Intels plans include a server farm to record every piece of programming that is aired — local, national and international — and store it for at least three days in the cloud. With an Intel-designed set-top box, people wont have to own DVRs or even plan to record programs.英特尔的计划还包括一个服务器群,它可以录音播映的每一个节目(地方的、全国的或国际的),并将其存储在“云”中最少三天。加装了英特尔设计的机顶盒后,人们就不用卖数字硬盘视频设备了,甚至不必再为记节目做到决定了。



Switch on the TV set in the middle of any show, and a viewer can simply go back to the beginning. This is live TV — but you can rewind it, Mr. Huggers says.在任何节目的中间关上电视,用户都可以回到到节目的开始。哈格斯说道,这就是直播电视,但你可以倒回去看。Intel is just one entry in the computer industrys growing land grab for the living room, one likely to bring voice activation, restyled remotes, new on-screen interfaces and other major changes in the way people interact with TV sets.英特尔只是电脑行业众多重新加入起居室地盘争夺战的公司之一。这种争夺战有可能带给语音转录、新式遥控器、新型屏幕界面以及人与电视机之间对话方式的其他根本性转变。

Other tech giants pushing TV advances include Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Sony Corp. and Google Inc., which last week announced a device called Chromecast that wirelessly transfers content from mobile devices to TVs. Google and Sony have also been working on Internet-based video-delivery services, people familiar with the matter have said.其他正在推展电视变革的科技巨头还包括苹果(Apple Inc.)、微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)、索尼(Sony Corp.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)。谷歌上周发布了一种取名为“Chromecast”的设备,这种设备可以将移动设备上的内容无线传输到电视上。据知情人士说道,谷歌和索尼还仍然在研制基于互联网的视频交付给服务。

Computer-industry players have been pushing new TV visions for 20 years, with decidedly mixed results. Cable- and satellite-TV providers have strong positions, with big players like Comcast Corp. preparing major upgrades of their own.20年来,电脑行业内的公司仍然在为电视业首创新领域,结果显著是优劣惊心动魄。有线电视和卫星电视提供商具有强有力的地位,康卡斯特(Comcast Corp.)等大公司也在打算展开根本性升级。Negotiations with media companies for content rights could delay new services and limit some features, though Intel vows to enter some markets by the end of the year.与媒体公司就内容版权展开的谈判有可能令其新的服务的发售延后,并容许一些功能,不过英特尔誓言将在今年年底前转入部分市场。